Living London is a property manager that designs , operates, rents/leases and brands multifamily properties to appeal to toady’s renters. We deliver exceptional performance to our partners through smart design and tech-enabled operations. Living London is a new and effective style of business, working to deliver Landlords with a quick and easy solution to renting their property. Living London assures Landlords a guaranteed long-term rental income while ensuring their house is perfectly maintained throughout the tenancy. The end of a tenancy becomes quite simply a prelude to a tenancy renewal. Living London is the simple answer to providing high standard and part-serviced accommodation in London’s most popular areas to professional people.

Living London is a new style of business, working with Letting Agents by providing a quick and easy solution to renting properties. Tenancies of between 3 and 5 years with no break clause are speedily secured and at renewal time Living London always works closely with the agent to ensure contracts are resigned.

Living London provides a service that allows agents to have complete confidence in promoting a winning and attractive formula to valued clients. 

Living London’s provision of an uninterrupted rental income coupled to high standards of property care ensure that Landlords appreciate the value of retaining Living London as a tenant for the long term. Living London also provides a rapid and reliable route to securing a tenancy in the event of a multi-agency contract race. In summary, Living London is a win-win-win business for agent, landlord and resident.

Some Of Our Homes

Shepherds Bush W12

Shepherds Bush

Living London
29th May 2019


Earlsfield SW18


Hammersmith, W6


Living London
14 Barton Road
12th March 2019


Balham, SW12



Most frequent questions and answers
Living London is the simplest, most stress-free way to rent out a property in the capital. We guarantee your rent monthly, furnish your home and find professional residents to look after it. No landlord fees, no worries about maintenance, no drama. Your home is in good hands with Living London.

No. Living London has one line of business – we rent properties from landlords and provide accommodation to professional residents. Our service maximises your property’s value through effective ongoing property management.

Yes – something similar. Living London become your tenant – we usually sign a fixed three to five year commercial tenancy agreement to take charge of your property, but effectively we are your tenants.

During the tenancy we pay you a guaranteed monthly rent on the 1st of each month regardless of the properties occupancy.

We organise the property maintenance in the property.

Finding and checking references of our professional residents is important to us. We pick a mix of male and female residents usually between the ages of 21 and 35. Collecting their monthly all inclusive fees and keeping them happy is our responsibility.

The Living London Licence Agreement allows only one occupant per bedroom (unless previously agreed). Properties are monitored every week as is the number of residents living at the property.

Under the Housing Act, all forms of Tenancy Agreement and English Common Law prohibit sub-letting. Residents enter into a Licence Agreement with Living London – not a Tenancy. This Agreement makes for an attractive and flexible arrangement; there is no exclusive right of access to any part of the property.

We manage a range of properties from 1 beds to 9 bedroom houses and everything in between.

We provide a commercial tenancy agreement which has been tailor made for Living London. We become your sole tenant for a fixed period of time and it gives us the authority to manage the property on your behalf.

Mortgage Aspects

As we have no security of tenure, there should not be an issue here. With regards to HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) properties you may need to notify your lender of the change of use. We recommend that you seek authorisation from your lender before entering into any contract, just to be sure. We have specific documentation that you can give to you lender along with our contract that will appease any concerns you have.
No, We are your tenant so we pay you whether or not the property is occupied by residents. You will receive the monthly rent in full from us regardless of the properties occupancy.

Property Management

As the landlord, you will be responsible financially for the usual things a landlord is responsible for. However, as the manager of the property Living London will do most of the hard work.

“Minor Maintenance” is categorised under two headings: the “nature” of the maintenance and the “cost” of the maintenance. “Nature” involves fixing lights, switches, sockets, radiator leaks, tap leaks, re-grouting, re-siliconing, fitted furniture repairs, most single-coat redecoration – the “cost” covers any works which are conducted up to a figure of £200 per month. In the very rare event that Minor Maintenance exceeds the figure of £200 in any given month, the Landlord will be advised prior to any works being undertaken. There is no Landlord involvement required in the instance of Minor Maintenance – all work is carried out by Living London’s own in-house Building and Maintenance Team within 48 hours of request, and usually sooner.

Periodic Inspection Certificates (Gas, Electrical, EPC, Legionnaire’s) are legal requirements so do not come under the heading of Minor Maintenance.

“Major Maintenance” covers larger ticket items such as boiler or Megaflow replacement, replacement of white goods or structural repairs such as roofworks. These items will also include high-end fittings such as sanitary-ware or kitchen fittings. Living London will provide quotes to the Landlord and manage the works. The cost of these works is met by the Landlord following careful consultation. All coordination with the residents regarding the carrying out of works is undertaken by Living London.

In reality, the same condition will be difficult to gauge; it is far more likely that the property will be returned in better condition than at the beginning of a tenancy. Living London is constantly undertaking improvements on each property throughout the course of a tenancy to ensure that the all our properties continue to reflect the high standards that are associated with the Living London brand. When occupants move out, bedrooms are very often completely redecorated, carpets steam cleaned and communal areas refreshed as well.

At the end of the Tenancy, when the property is returned to the Landlord, Living London will refer to the ‘Check in and Inventory Report’ and ensure the property is in given back in “either the same or better condition” when compared to the start of the Tenancy. As outlined above Living London carries out redecoration and general maintenance throughout the duration of the tenancy so it is understood that the overall condition of the property will be extremely good at all times. At the tenancy end it is understood that any outstanding necessary redecoration, floor repairs or other required works will be undertaken by Living London as a matter of course and in line with the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement. Living London goes to great lengths to construct stud walls in such a way that there is little or no damage to floors. In the event that marks, or more likely a slight colour differentiation caused by the effects of light and the passage of time are noticed, these will be made good.

Most of our Occupants will not be in the property during the day as they are at work, therefore there is much less wear and tear on the property – unlike with a family Tenancy. Occupants usually come to Living London individually and plan to stay for a finite period; they come with fewer belongings than standard long-term tenants and their use of the property is less intensive. Living London provides the Landlord with a Property Return Guarantee which ensures the property will be carefully looked after and returned in the same or better condition at the end of the tenancy.
Living London has extensive experience of property regulation and has overseen more than 150 HMO applications. Living London is responsible for making the HMO application, liaising with the Council, organising and overseeing Council inspections of the property, scheduling all the required works and meeting all the associated costs. An HMO is personal to the property and can be rescinded at any time. An HMO Licence does not affect the valuation of the property.
Over a number of years we have built long-term relationships with companies, agents, recruitment specialists and we also have a portfolio of graduates looking for places to stay in London. We advertise via online portals, website and we also receive a lot of referrals from existing residents.


  • Occupant Vetting – All prospective occupants are interviewed by one of the Living London team. Successful applicants are vetted and professionally referenced. Their current employer and previous Landlord are contacted, and the use of a commercial referencing agency provides further comfort.
  • Source of Occupants – Living London’s service and reputation mean that over 50% of Living London occupants come via word-of-mouth – friends, work colleagues and family of current occupants; current occupants changing location as well as previous Living London occupants; occasional advertising on platforms such as Spareroom.
  • Occupant Employment – Occupants are all graduates and established employed professionals. Currently they work in the following fields: Financial Sector, Technology and IT, Law, Marketing and Media, Medicine, PR, Recruitment and Retail Management.
  • Occupant Age Profile – Occupants’ ages range from mid-20s to the early 30s.
  • Number of Occupants – Each bedroom is let to a single occupant only.
  • Occupancy Duration – The minimum term contract that Living London have with occupants is 5 months, however most stay for between 9 and 18 months.
  • Occupant Retention – When current occupants look to change location, many opt to remain enjoying the benefits provided by Living London , and so move from one property to another.

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